Monday, June 15, 2009

Summer Reading...

My schedule is getting less full (yay!) and I've been settling into some nice summer routines of enjoying the weather, enjoying people, enjoying books, and just not rushing all the time. Some of the good books I'm diving into:
"Three Cups of Tea" - the popular account of a mountain-climber who started building schools in poor villages in Pakistan. So many people recommended it, and now I see why... it blends well with what I've been learning about other, similar cultures (i.e., majority Muslim), and really makes me want to go there. (Or, just go back to Palestine.)
"Mother Teresa: Come Be My Light" - I started this a while ago, but it's one I have to read slowly, in small portions. It details her efforts to follow a "call within a call" and I think (haven't got that far yet... remembering something from the jacket cover) her experiences of great spiritual darkness during some of the most fruitful years of her ministry. What I admire most and prayerfully study is her complete devotion to Christ, seeking to quench His "thirst for love and for souls." She was always my hero. Still is.
Ok that's all for now, but I have a long list yet to come... Oh, and of course, the continuous stream of newsletters from the Middle East pouring into my gmail inbox. I half-jokingly have been telling people that I'm not aware of anything that's happening in the world unless it's in Kankakee or Palestine. But I love both of those places, so I'm content to focus on them for now.