Saturday, July 4, 2009

Kids just grow up too fast!

Conversation with my niece today...

Me: Oh, I want to keep you.
Adele: You can't!
Me: I can't? Who do you belong to?
Adele: (points to Carra and Jesse) Them... but you get to keep her. (points to mom)
Me: So they get to keep you forever?
Adele: (nods, then) No, they don't... they keep me while I'm a kiddo, then when I grow up, I'll come to here to you!
Me: That'll be fun!
Adele: But I'll have to go to a wedding on the way.
Me: Whose wedding?
Adele: Mine!
Me: Who are you going to marry?
Adele: .... Someone. ...A guy.
Me: Oh...
Adele: And I'll have a baby when I'm ready. Then my tummy will always be soooo big when I come here!